Convenient Check Cashing. Say that five times fast.

q.  what do you mean by check cashing? 

Check cashing at Pocket Pawn is a great alternative to cashing a check at the bank. We cash a variety of checks including, but not limited to: Payroll, government, insurance, tax refund, and more. We're able to get you the cash from your check within minutes! 

q. how do i cash a check at pocket pawn? 

It's easy! Simply bring your check to our location, we'll take a few moments to verify the check, and we'll have you your cash within minutes! Make sure to bring a valid driver's license or state identification and please do not endorse the check until you are in our store in front of an associate. 

q. do you cash single-party checks? 

Unfortunately, no. We currently only offer check cashing for two-party checks. (A check written to you from someone else.) 

q. check cashing companies charge expensive fees. right?  

Yes and no. Some check cashing facilities have been known to charger higher fees than others. Here at Pocket Pawn, however, you'll pay one of the lowest fees in the area to cash your check!

q. do you cash all types of checks? 

We try to! We are able to cash almost all checks that we see. There are some checks, however, that we simply cannot cash. Bring your check by today and we're almost certain we can help! 

q. how long does it take to cash a check? 

In most case, it will only take a matter of minutes! The process is simple and quick!